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Why Buy from US?

Thank you so much for visiting our store!  There are many optics outlets out there.  What prompted you to visit us?  Maybe it is a review by one of the optics experts; or maybe it is a recommendation by your friends, coworkers, or relatives; or maybe you just happened to stumble upon us.

Comparing to many other brands, we are different.  Everyone at Zen-Ray is passionate about creating high quality optics.  We devote a significant portion of our R&D budget on new product development and improvement.  We listen carefully to the feedback from our customers on ideas of new products or improvements. That's why we are able to produce those truly incredible products, such as ZEN ED2, ZRS HD that get rave reviews among binoculars users.

When you order a product from Zen-Ray Optics, you will get the same high performance optics that's generally available at 2x-5x more expensive from other brands. How do we do that?  By eliminating many layers of middle-man and improving our productivity, we are able to pass the savings directly to the end consumers.

At Zen-Ray, we pride ourselves of the high quality optics we produce.  Product quality is our #1 focus.  Other manufacturers or retailers may tell you how impossible it is to inspect the binoculars they sell before they ship them out.  It's mandatory for our trained staff to inspect every pair through our 16-point inspection procedure before we pack them into the shipping box.   So you know, if it didn't pass the critical eyes of our technicians, the product would never leave our warehouse.