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All New Zen-Ray PRIME HD 8x42 Binoculars with Dielectric Prism Coating

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Regular Price: $860.00

Special Price: $659.00

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It features 99% reflectivity across the whole visible spectrum with sophisticated 40-Layer dielectric coating, extra low dispersion (ED) glasses. As a result, it boasts amazing image clarity and brightness and free of chromatic abberation. Perfect binoculars for birding, hunting and archery tournament

All New Zen-Ray PRIME HD 8x42 Binoculars with Dielectric Prism Coating

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Packed with features that can only be found in the best of the best among the binoculars Hall of Fame, PRIME HD leaves little to second guess what you see. An edge-to-edge crisp, brilliant, flawless image is delivered thanks to one of the most sophisticated eyepiece design. Rugged and lightweight magnesium chassis that secures the optical core inside is enhanced with sleek, balanced body design. These high end binoculars are constructed with complementary ED lenses and state of the art dielectric coating for perfection in color fidelity and contrast.


  • 5 group/6 elements eyepiece featuring doublet field flattener lenses

  • Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass for chromatic abberation free image

  • Second Generation VividBriteTM Ultra High Reflectivity (UHR) Dielectic Prism Coating for maximal brightness

  • CrystalViewTM water/oil repellent coating

  • Fully broadband multi-coated optics allows 99.7% light transmission at each glass/air interface

  • Phase-correction with BAK-4 roof prisms

  • Large 42mm objective lenses for crisp, bright imaging.

  • Structural

  • SpeedDial2TM focus wheel offers responsive focus rate

  • Tripod adapter sockets to offer balanced support for tripod users

  • New: Enhanced eyecup design for eye glasses wearers

  • Heavy-duty, 100% waterproof /f ogproof construction: Argon charged

  • Metal alloy enforced multi-stage Twist-up rubber eyecups

  • Diopter adjustment to fine tuning focus

  • Extra large center focus knob for smooth and precise focus

  • Ergonomic shape for stress free use

  • Rubber armor absorbs shock

  • Lifetime No Fault Warranty

You might want to know that every PRIME HD binocular has gone through rigorous waterproof testing before leaving our factory floor by following the most demanding JIS 7 (Japanese Industrial Standard Level 7). What does that mean? We immerse every binocular into a 5 feet deep water tank for 3min. Only the one that passes the test can be released. So, let it rain!

Dimension (HxW) 6.1x5
Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof
Magnification 8x
Field of View 426ft/1000yards
Eye Relief 20mm
Close Focus 2 m
Weight 29.2 oz
Interpupilary distance (IPD in mm) 56-74
Carrying case Premium Padded SoftCase
Neckstrap Cushion Padded Premium Neckstrap with Quickconnect
Ocular Lens Cover Yes
Objective Lens Covers Yes

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  1. superb Review by Greg

    I have three pairs of decent binoculars in this price range and these are better in just about every way and they really have no weak points - they do it all, low light, very short focal distance, great ergonomics and quality. I don't own a pair of alphas but have friends who do and I've done the side-by-side with swaro, leica- and the difference, if any, is negligible and certainly not worth the extra $1500. 250-$300 used to be the sweet-spot for value until binos like this cam along and brought alpha quality to the under-$600 price range. Buy the right one first if binos are going to be something you plan to use regularly, and save your money on the europeans. (Posted on 11/2/14)

  2. I have 4 pairs of bi Review by Jeany

    I have 4 pairs of binoculars, indlcuing a excellent pair by Nikon, but I must say, as a person who wears glasses, these provide the best view. I have to remove my glasses with my other binoculars to get as good a view as I do with these when my are glasses on! (Posted on 6/23/14)

  3. great value and quality Review by Boner

    these are great Binoculars for the price. you would find it hard to find better. (Posted on 1/28/13)

  4. Superb optics, good quality. Review by Minglei

    I bought this binoculars for general use. The optics is superb and the build quality is good considering the price.

    I am an amateur astronomer so I also used this binoculars for stargazing. Although it's not built as an astronomy binoculars, the view at infinity is very good with no obvious color and focus aberrations. I could see the Galileo moons of Jupiter easily. The conclusion is that this binoculars can be used for stargazing as a supplement to the telescope. For some large open clusters, for example, M44, this is the presumable way to see the whole object.

    The build quality of the binoculars is solid. Some of the accessories like the neck strips and the lens covers can be better. Above all, I'm very happy with the purchase. (Posted on 1/28/13)

  5. Really Nice Review by deltaeta

    I've been using a pair of Nikon Monarchs for deer hunting but decided to try the new Prime HDs. They are clearer and brighter. Couldn't be happier. (Posted on 11/28/12)

  6. great value Review by ac

    i bought these for field archery and 3d,they replace my nikon monarch 3 8x42,i should have bought these first,i can now see the thin scoring rings on the paper animal targets even at 50 yards perfect for me,also the carry case is really well made and fits very well on my belt,very pleased! (Posted on 11/1/12)

  7. Great binos and excellent service Review by Michael

    The optics rival the " Alphas " bright, flat with a huge field of view, and it's build like a tank. Customer service is second to none. (Posted on 10/13/12)

  8. beautiful clarity...excellent service Review by mkitezr

    Pre-ordered and the discount was ridiculous mine for about 2 weeks.

    Spent 2 days in outdoors sports comparing tonnes of binos in the 300-1000 range, and also looked swaros...inside the large dimly lit store and outside. Vortex, Nikon, Bushnell Legend Ultra HD, steiners. Up to that point, was real close to bushnells. Wasn't really "thrilled" with them because of relatively wide edge were things got not so crisp.

    Took a chance on pre-order based on reviews of ED2 and ED3s. Figured with the warranty I can beat it and with reviews like that there has to be a good reason for all the praises.

    Finally arrived in July.

    Looked at mostly wooded areas. We have a river that we can see from our house, and across it a forested embankment 200-300 ft high. This was evening. Actually could see the forest floor on the embankment clearly. Had zeiss range finder and pegged it 450m to 600m. Found a tree mounted camera I had no idea was there...probably because a bike trail and train track are there too.

    FOV is best i've seen in 8x42s. Clarity was "wow" almost edge to edge, no CA I could notice. Even determining where edge was was difficult.

    A few weeks later went to a friends house kind of on a ridge in rural area. Can see for many km's over fields and forests and sky. Saw animals on field at least 2km's away but couldn't identify if cow or bull. Should of got the 10's was first reaction.

    Birding never interested me, but holy, it was looking like at national geographic videos of close-ups but 50 feet away. Spent the next 2 hours birding. Focus was fast and stable.

    Armor and generally feel to hold was awesome.

    FOV and brightness was so good I though maybe I should have gone for the 10s.


    I did noticed permanent black specks in both oculars trapped between layers during this outing. Looking at clouded sky.

    Diopter cup came loose.

    Super Pros:

    Sent them back, got new ones within 2 weeks. 8x42s were only coming in a couple of weeks, and asked if I wanted 10x42s now...so I can have something for hunting. OK, twist my rubber arm!

    Perfect 10s.


    Optical quality, superb. Build quality, a bit glitchy ZR made it right quick. Now superb. Lifetime warranty combined with service invaluable.

    Best, and I mean best investment I made into optics. Glad I'm making the leap from average binos.

    Will not buy another pair...unless I lose them. Is a ZR Prime HD Spotter coming?
    (Posted on 9/22/12)

  9. Beyond impressed with Prime HD!! Review by never_catch

    The Zen-Ray Prime HD 8x42 binocular is hands down one of the best peices of optics I've ever looked thru in any light condition!! I have a 65mm Swarovski scope and my Zen-Ray Prime HD's are brighter and more clear in low light!! I could not be happier with my new binoculars and will use them heavily come hunting season :) (Posted on 8/4/12)

  10. Great value and design Review by Scott

    I recently bought a pair of Cabelas Euro series and then the newer Euro HD series which I returned both due to weight. I have been looking at Zeiss and Swarovski and for less than half the price I preordered the Prime HD's. Best investment I have made as I read reviews on previous models and decided to wait on these to come out! These are very clear and bright and very little color fringing. I can't wait to use them this fall. (Posted on 8/2/12)

  11. Bad Ass Binos Review by Michael

    I pre-ordered the Prime HD 8x42's in April after looking through all the "Alpha's" and then looking through the Zen-Ray ED-3. I did 6 months worth of research looked through 40+ Binos and for the price the ED-3's were my pick. Then I heard about the all new revolutionary Prime HD at a fraction of the so called "Alpha's" price I had to buy em and let me be the 1st to tell you they will go toe to toe with any glass on the market bar none extremely bright, clear and smooth exceptional workmanship and any flaw the ED-3 had has been corrected Beautiful product I would recommend these to any serious hunter or birder

    Sincerely -Mike- in Michigan (Posted on 8/1/12)

  12. An Outstanding new addition to the lineup! Review by FrankD

    I have had the opportunity to review a pre-production unit of this binocular. Below are some initial comments and a follow up after a few days of use.

    Upon opening the box and removing the binocular my first thoughts were "heavier than expected" and "nice armor". Surprisingly the smell of the binocular was the second thing to register on my senses. It is sort of funny how we take our sense of smell for granted. Smells stick with us long after the experience itself has faded. Smelling these binoculars reminds me of both the Meopta and the Swarovski SLC Neu series. They have that odor to the armor. Different from previous ZR models.

    Focusing is counterclockwise (to the dismay of some) from close focus to infinity. I believe this is contrary to what was originally posted. The focusing speed is very close to ideal. It feels slightly slower than the ED3s but faster than the ED2s. From a nitpicky perspective I think I would prefer another 1/4 turn to the speed. Focusing tension is excellent. No slop, no backlash and excellent resistance. The overall feel is also enhanced by the texture of the knob itself. It has a similar series of small bumps in a checkerboard like pattern in comparison to the ED3s. I can feel them grab a bit on the tip of my finger as I work the focusing knob. I doubt my fingers will slip on it even under wet conditions.

    Ok, on to what everyone wants to hear...the view. I think this is what everyone has been expecting from Zen Ray. The centerfield apparent sharpness that is often praised on the ED3s has now been extended over a much larger portion of the image. If I had to rate the ED3s that I have in possession at 65-70% sharp from the center then I would have to rate the Prime HDs at sharp out to at least 90% of the field but probably closer to 95%. It is impressive and makes the image feel very natural. One caveat to that though.... as I have heard in reference to some other models there is an area of excellent apparent sharpness through the center 2/3rds of the image followed by a very narrow band that seems to lose a very slight amount of apparent sharpness under close inspection. The last 5-10% of the image seems just as sharp as the center.

    I want to bring up color fringing here because it seems tied in to the various levels of performance throughout the full field of view. In the center 85-90% of the image CA is wonderfully well controlled. I certainly cannot see it and I am moderately susceptible to it. The outer 5-10% does exhibit a mild level of CA. This seems tied into the area that is "back in focus" with the center of the field.

    Apparent brightness and apparent contrast are excellent. Certainly as good as the ED3 series. From talking to the company I believe the average measured light transmission level is 89%. Going by memory of other light transmission tests (prior to All Binos) I believe that puts it on par with the original Swarovski EL and the Leica Ultravid but just behind the Zeiss FL.

    Color representation appears entirely neutral at first glance and even after extended use. It isn't until I compare it to the Vixen Foresta porro that I note a slight "blue-green" coloration to the image. The Vixen is what I would call neutral (white) to every so slightly warm (extremely mild red) so it stands as a good reference when looking to compare color "biases".

    The field of view is fairly flat. Pincushion distorition has been added to help rectify any rolling ball issues associated with the dual field flattener elements. I can see the distortion when panning up and down but not left to right.

    Apparent sharpness is first rate. In both handholding and resting the binocular I can see extremely fine detail on just about everything I look at. The image is anything but "soft". Close focus appears to be about five feet.

    I wanted to write a follow up post to my original one. I forgot to mention one key issue when I did my initial post...the environmental conditions. I did not give it much thought at the time but the overall conditions were poor. We had approaching thunderstorms (and actually a tornado watch) in our area the day I posted my initial comments.

    Since that time I have used this pre-production unit quite extensively under a variety of conditions. It has not failed to impress for an 8x full-sized binocular. Under full daylight conditions the image is nothing but...well, beautiful. Colors are extremely well saturated. The various shades of blue on the back of a male Eastern Bluebird are very well represented. Even the subtle shades of green on the back of a male Ruby-throated Hummingbird are very easy to identify. The contrast level is instantly notable.

    Details easily jump out at you. It is one of those situations with a binocular where you think you have achieved perfect focus only to find that another bump of the focus knob brings out even more detail in the object being observed.

    I did take the time to see how they handle stray light issues. The dreaded crescent is not evident in the image under regular use. If I push the bins and start heading towards the sun and if I shift my eye position down towards the bottom half of the exit pupil then I begin to notice a faint crescent with a midpoint at approximately 7 o'clock.

    The size of the sweet spot continues to impress me. It is notably larger than that of the ED3 series so, therefore, the image feels very natural to my eyes.

    One last thought that struck me this morning was the handling. It has reminded me of something for several days but I just couldn't put my finger on it. They remind me of the Nikon Monarchs (original Gen II version) in terms of length and overall feel in my hands. Yes, they weigh a bit more but the way they fit into my hands is very similar to the Monarchs.

    (Posted on 6/6/12)

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