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Why is Zen-Ray picked by Outdoor Life Magazine for the best value binoculars ZEN ED/ED2 10x43 Reviews

ZEN ED/ED2 7x36 Review

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 ZEN ED2 20-60x82 Spotting Scope

Video Review by Adam Hiaring from Ridgeline Outdoor













8/21/2009 By Frank D. on Opticstalk.com

A well known optics expert, Frank D. has given Zen ED2 7x36 a 3-way comparison in plain language.

Quote: "The new kid on the block is the Zen Ray 7x36 ED 2. It sports a bit of combination of the strong points of each of the two previous binoculars. It has the open-bridge design while also featuring the wide field of view of 477ft. It also shares a low level of chromatic aberration with both of the other models. ".

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Review: The Zen-Ray 7x36 ED2 by Holger Merlitz

Full review can be found here

Review: Zen-Ray ZEN ED2 7x36 by Ilya Koshkin

Koshkin's impression was "One of the things that really stands out on the Zen-Ray is the very well controlled chromatic aberration.  Combination of long barrels and ED glass with low magnification makes it very hard to find if you are looking for it." Full review is here

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ZenRay ED2 spotting scope review from Travis Brown on Vimeo.